Premier Manager 2012 – PS3

Premier Manager 2012 PS3 – Coming Soon to the PSN

Premier Manager®, the definitive pickup and play football management game on the PSN is back and better than ever for 2012. Take control of your favourite team from a selection of top European leagues and overcome the managerial challenges that face you to achieve success.

Key Features:

  • Play in Europe’s top leagues with updated data for the 2011/12 season.
  • Interface refreshed for both SD and HD resolutions.
  • New ‘Unity’ system which enhances tactical and match intelligence.
  • Real time transfer and contract negotiations.
  • Brand new messaging and conversation system.
  • RPG style score, comparable through online leaderboards.


  • 1 Player
  • 150MB install
  • 20MB minimum save game
  • HDTV screen resolution: 720p
  • Network Features

Premier Manager will be available to download from the PlayStation Store this November